About GTAbox.com

Official openning on March 2019

Welcome to GTAbox.com – a Grand Theft Auto series fan website.

GTAbox was founded to give you information about all GTA titles, and most important to be a showcase of the GTA titles boxes. We want to give to you, the players, the ability to experience the outstanding GTA boxes that out there. On today gaming culture, physical copies are not so common like in the past, sure the boxes are not excited like they used to be

Rcokstar Games are well-known by the effort they bring to their games boxes: beautiful covers, elaborated manuals, posters and more (all this without mention the special and collectors editions). In this website you can find most of the Grand Theft Auto boxes, some of them are really rare and survived in a good condition during the years. Be sure that we are always on a journey to get more boxes and keeping the website up to date.

The website is associated with the geeMeek Youtube channel, where you can subscribe and stay tuned to the website updates, and of course see the full unboxings of a many GTA boxes (and other games too).

It is important to mention that the website is still under development and the official opening will be on March 2019.
An official video will be published in the Youtube channel as well.