PC – Booklet Cardboard Box

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC, first edition box, came out On June 07, 2005.

GTA San Andreas box cover implies about the game atmosphere: The early 90’s, where the rap game and the gangs rule the streets. The drive-by shooting artwork together with the gang members wearing hoodies holding guns, leave no room for imagination. GTA San Andreas cover also tells us about the new features that Rockstar Games developed in the game. The most noticable one is the bicycles. In the game itself, the bicycles are first ride we can use. Besides that, we can see an artwork of gambling that symbolize the Casinos in Las-Venturas and the ability to gable in them. Another artwork mentions the San-Fierro electric train.

On the back of GTA San Andreas box, Rockstar Games gives a short information about the protagonist of the game, Carl Johnson, AKA CJ. The second paragraph talks about the game environment, that combines well with the front cover. The screenshots tell us that Rockstar Games didn’t neglect the motorcycles, that returned in GTA Vice City. The screenshots also show us the main antagonists: officer Tenpenny and officer Pulaski. We got a chopper screenshot with an outstanding view to share the graphics, and of course a screenshot that again symbolize the game atmosphere. System requirements of the game appear at the bottom.

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The Contents

GTA San Andreas first edition box for the PC includes:

  • A colorful hard binding book that gives a tons of information about what you can do across San Andreas: Where you can eat, shop, hangout, special activities, must visit places and plenty more.
  • One DVD disk that placed to the end of the book.
  • One poster-map: One side contains an artwork of officer Tenpenny, and there other side contains the San Andreas map.

Full Tour

For more detailed view you are more than welcome to watch the geeMeek unboxing video of GTA San Andreas for the PC, first edition box.