GTA 3 PC Cardboard Box

Grand Theft Auto: III for the PC, first edition box, came out On June 07, 2005.

GTA 3 box cover was the first boxart to introduce the new “box” style, which contained game artwork produced by Rockstar Games, and black lines separating them into smaller images. The game featured the first use of the “Pricedown” font, which was favored by Rockstar Games, and was continued to be used in later games.

On the back of GTA 3 box, Rockstar Games gives a short information about the game storyline. The screenshots show the freedom and the endless innovations that the game offers. System requirements of the game appear at the bottom.

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The Contents

GTA San Andreas first edition box for the PC includes:

  • Cardboard box with an opened artwork binding
  • Two game disks
  • Colorful game manual with detailed information about the game
  • Poster-map: side A has GTA 3 artwork of the main characters; Side B shows Liberty City map.
  • Rockstar Games postcard

Full Tour

For more detailed view you are more than welcome to watch the geeMeek unboxing video of GTA 3 for the PC, first edition box.