Grand Theft Auto: IV for the PC, first edition box, released On December 02, 2008.

GTA IV box cover keeps the previous games’ trait, the Grand Theft Auto IV boxart also uses significant game elements, vehicles and characters to promote the game.

On the back of GTA IV box, Rockstar Games gives a short information about the protagonist of the game, Niko Bellic. System requirements of the game appear at the bottom.

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The Contents

GTA IV first edition box for the PC includes:

  • Cardboard box that open to three parts
  • Plastic case that contains the rest of the game contents
  • Survival guide
  • Manual
  • 2 DVD disks
  • One poster-map: One side contains the lollipop girl artwork, and there other side contains the Liberty City map.

Full Tour

For more detailed view you are more than welcome to watch the geeMeek unboxing video of GTA IV for the PC, first edition box.