Grand Theft Auto: V for the PC, first edition box, came out On April 14, 2015.

GTA V box cover implies about the game atmosphere: Modern times where the money talks. The woman with the smart phone indicates that the games is takes place in our time, In contrast to GTA Vice City that that took place in the 80’s, or GTA San Andreas in the early 90’s. The cover also introduce to us the three main protagonists: Michael, who in one artwork equipped with a gas mask, and in the other driving in a Seashark; Franklin, who drive in a Sanchez, holding a Micro-SMG in one artowrk, and in the second holding a Pistol to his face; Trevor, holding up a Sniper Rifle, with the Vinewood Sign in the background.

On the back of GTA V box, Rockstar Games gives a short information about the protagonists of the game: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. A mention of GTA Online is also stating below that. The screenshots show the protagonists and show the outstanding graphics of the game. System requirements of the game appear at the bottom.

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The Contents

GTA San Andreas first edition box for the PC includes:

  • Cardboard box
  • Booklet adorned with GTA V artworks at one side, and at the other side contains a ‘Vinewood’ screenshot with the game disks
  • 7 disks (65GB overall)
  • Poster-map: Two sided map of Los-Santos and Blaine-County 
  • Manual
  •  1,000,000$ promo code to spend in the single player and in GTA Online (500,000$ each)
  • A cardboard file who contains the manual, post-map and the promo code

Full Tour

For more detailed view you are more than welcome to watch the geeMeek unboxing video of GTA V for the PC, first edition box.